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I'm currently chewing my hot dog bun for breakfast so I think it is a prefect time to update my LJ
LMAO, I consider myself as a part-timer in LJ :P haha

Well, yesterday my friend sent me this very meaningful mail. I thought it will be another spam mail but after I read the content, it has nothing got to do with those"scary-mails" like "if you don't forward, you will get killed-type" 

And the title goes: 
(Why do we shout when we are angry)
One day, a professor asked his students 'Why do we SHOUT instead of speak when we are ANGRY?'

All the students thought for a while. One answered 'Because we lost our cool. That's why we SHOUT.'

Asked the professor again, 'But the person is just right next to you, why can't we talk softly but have to SHOUT?'

Everyone gave their opinions but none was accepted by the professor.

Lastly explained by the professor 'When we are ANGRY, our hearts drift apart. To mask the DISTANCE we felt, we instinctively SHOUT instead of speak so the other party can hear us.'

'But as we SHOUT, we get ANGRIER. And we felt we drift apart further. So we SHOUT even louder...'

'It is the opposite when we are in love. Not only we do not shout, we whisper into each other ears. Why?'

'This is because our hearts are very close, almost never apart. As our love deepen, we reach a state of communication where there is no need for words.'

'We understand each other well enough just by exchanging look,' concluded the professor.

'Therefore, when we are arguing, DO NOT speak words that will make our hearts drift apart. WAIT a few days. When you feel your hearts are no longer far apart, pick up the conversation and continue from there.


Blogger still down.
Think for yourself
Well, blogger is still down. I wondered whats wrong man.

Anyway, I have gotten my clinical posting and I'm going to
Haha. Not bad at least, I'm going there to work with my friends. So, do stay tune to my LJ or BLOGGER because I will be talking alot on my work. Currently, I'm having a mix emotions. "Excited and Nervous".

I don't know why but I feel that I will kill someone. I hope I will bring joy instead. :)


(My feelings) Collapse )

Whatever, it is okay if you don't get what I mean. :)


Temporary blog
Hello guys, don't get me wrong, I'm still in blogger but recently blogger.com is down. The site is totally screwed and I couldn't post an entry there. I have tried to use different web browser but all of them gave me the same answer. So, meanwhile, I will be writing blogs here. Don't worry it isn't locked and everyone can read it (: 

Anyway, time has passed so fast. I still could remember that six months ago I was still struggling to get into a decent course and now of course struggling to cope. Well nursing is a course that is easy to get in but difficult to stay through. Guess what, one of my classmate has already drop out from nursing and I think she is now pursing a dip. in IT. Hiax.

But the way, that wasn't my main point today.

I want to talk about my six sense.
(Read more)Collapse )

The next thing that I find it weird in me (which is part of the six sense) is "dream". I'm able to see things that is going to happen in my dream. Some times it just freak me out of my bed whenever I dream of something bad. Haha

But thankfully, my six sense is not about seeing "things in different dimensions". Haha.
However, I must clarify that six sense is not a power. It is just a sense that other people did not have.
I'm not boasting around for it, my dear. (:

Oh do drop me some comments about things unusual that is happening to you.



Saturday, March 07, 2009.It has being half a year since I last updated.

Surpising isn't it? If you happen to see xffair account resurfaced at the friends section, that is me, Joseph. Half a year have passed. Alot of things have changed, alot of people have moved on. Me? Waiting for NYP NURSING CAMP.


Dont worry, your eyes didn't trick you. Yes, I was posted into NYP nursing course. A course which many laughed about. It is more or less a female course in most of people mind.


If I haven't being spending too much time studying what I left out and focus on those which I'm strong in, I guess my result will be better. Although, I have thought and wanted to retake my olevels, but my mum want me to move on.

Now, I want to get a dip in nursing, go for army, go for bach. for nursing then go for my dream senior officer trainning course for a inspector rank.

Haha, I even have set my own life target to complete. Though I knew it is very hard to go thru the three part, but I will push on to complete.

Jiayou Joseph, Jiayou everyone.
Blasting off from LJ.

The only thing I regretted in my life is being born on earth.
Any way, I won't be posting here. Too much memories for me to look on.
Moved to:


*Just posted. So keep a look out on.

Signing off.

(no subject)

shit. I am feeling like very tired.
Great. My cooking " practical finally came to an end. Phew.
Well, if you ask me how was it. I can only tell you, it was so.... tired. Er, another better word? Exhausted. ha ha. Kidding.
I was very nervous and tense up at first, but thank to Jimmy (who helped me), the product was done. But sadly, his one was not successful because of the budget oven. His was like, from "muffin to be" mixture, to like, "pan-cake", "bread" look a like. Stupid oven, sign. Andrew, my table partner, though he was liked me at first, but his turned out wonderful. Too wonderful that he can't judge and do his conclusion. All the muffins (though added different amounts of butter), raised most equally. Ha ha. Ya, finally one subject burden lesser. Yippie. :D Rejoice! On the other hand, I am quite sad, because we could not catch the assembly program on Racial Harmony, which was very wonderfully put up as well. Hiax. And we did not have our recess as well. What the.

Any way, I did a new skin, again. ha ha.
Entitled: xrated-murdered.

I made sex skins before, so this is the murdered one. I gave up hope on working on Jay chou skin. ha ha. Mind me. :D

Oh my mummy.
F&n Food experiment tomorrow. Notice it is "food experiment"
The previous batch, they have to do is to boil carrots or chicken.
Ours? Make muffins. Tons of muffins.
(Control, Sample A, Sample B, Sample D)
Each sample and control, roughly, about 8 muffins.
Coz we are suppose to test if fats (butter) affect the cake,
(like appearance, smell, taste, height.)
I am quite worried for it. I hate making cakes.



I fell into a "coma" for 4 hours after I did my Jay skin. Still look like shit. But nevermind haha.
Seriously, I think I need some food. Roar, I am hungry. :(

Oh dear, history mock on saturday, I better get my revision done. But do you remember that I can swallow the book withnin the day? haha

I failed my previous history mock by one mark. 24/50
haha. Well, will be better this time round.

Lalalala. (Remind me of stella) haha Kidding Kidding.

(no subject)
Hello. (:

Want to be naughty?
click here

Back from Social Studies now! (Mock Exam tomorrow)  haha.
Most likely I won't be going out (except for school). I will be jail at home to study. "O" level is coming in a short well. :(
I am really scared I can't even make it to POLY. Nervous! ~~~

Kill your boredom
Why does zebra has stripes
they are emotional creatures
they just love the zebra crossing lines
they think it is cool
they love to slash themselves like that
they are cute like that



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